Stories in English for Students, with Beautiful Morals for Kids

Stories in English for Students- Welcome to an amazing collection of stories designed to captivate young readers and listeners.” These stories are full of vital lessons and exciting adventures, each carefully constructed to pique the reader’s interest and impart meaningful principles.

Children will not only be entertained but will also learn the value of kindness, courage, selflessness, and making wise choices thanks to the vivid tale and sympathetic characters.

Let us begin on a mission of learning as we go into these stories, where wisdom is acquired through beautiful tales and the power of storytelling connects us to a world of imagination and life lessons. So, take someplace to sit and let the adventures begin!”

01-Ella the Helpful Elephant

Stories in English for Students
Stories in English for Students

Once upon a time, in a vast, lush forest, there lived a gentle and wise elephant named Ella. Ella was celebrated throughout the forest for her kind heart and immense wisdom. One scorching summer, a terrible drought hit the forest, leaving all the animals suffering from thirst. The streams and watering holes had dried up, leaving the animals in a dire situation.

Ella couldn’t bear to witness her fellow creatures in such distress. She resolved to take action. Using her powerful trunk, she dug a deep well near the heart of the forest. News of Ella’s act of kindness quickly spread throughout the forest, and animals from all corners began to gather around the newly created well.

As days turned into weeks, Ella’s well became a lifeline for the forest animals. They came to drink from it, quenching their thirst and reviving their spirits. Ella’s heart swelled with happiness as she witnessed the joy and relief she brought to her friends. She continued to ensure the well remained full and accessible to all.

Moral: Kindness and selflessness can make a profound difference in the lives of others. Your actions, even if they seem small, can have a tremendous impact on the world.

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02-Sam the Brave Sparrow

Stories in English for Students
Stories in English for Students

In a small village, there lived a tiny sparrow named Sam. Sam was the smallest bird in the village, and he often felt insignificant. One sunny morning, a group of fierce crows attacked the village, causing chaos and fear among the other birds.

Feeling a surge of bravery, Sam decided to take action. With all his might, he darted into the sky, fluttering his wings and chirping loudly. His courage inspired the other birds, and they joined him in the fight. Together, they drove away the crows and restored peace to the village.

Moral: No matter how small or insignificant you may feel, your bravery and determination can make a significant difference. Don’t underestimate your own strength.

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03-Mia and the Magic Paintbrush

Stories in English for Students
Stories in English for Students

In a quaint village, there lived a kind-hearted but poor painter named Mia. One night, Mia had a dream in which an old man appeared and gave her a magic paintbrush. He told her that any picture she painted with it would come to life. Mia woke up with the magic paintbrush in her hand.

Mia used the paintbrush to create beautiful landscapes, delicious feasts, and clothes for the needy. The entire village soon prospered, and people from far and wide came to witness Mia’s incredible creations.

Moral: The power of creativity and kindness can transform the lives of those around you. Use your talents for the greater good, and you’ll leave a lasting impact.

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04-The Talking Tree

Stories in English for Students
Stories in English for Students

In a deep and enchanting forest, there stood a tree unlike any other. This tree could talk, and it possessed a wealth of knowledge about the world. One day, a curious young girl named Lily discovered the tree. The tree began to share stories, wisdom, and guidance with Lily.

Over time, their friendship grew stronger, and Lily visited the tree often. As she grew older, she realized that the tree’s wisdom had shaped her into a wise and compassionate person. She became known for her understanding and kind heart, all thanks to the wisdom of the talking tree.

Moral: Learning from those who are wiser than you can be a life-changing experience. Don’t hesitate to seek advice and wisdom from elders or those with more knowledge.

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05-The Ant and the Grasshopper

Stories in English for Students
Stories in English for Students

Once upon a time, in a meadow not too far away, there lived a hardworking ant and a carefree grasshopper. The ant spent its days diligently gathering food for the winter, storing grains and seeds in its cozy little home, while the grasshopper sang and danced in the warm summer sun, not worrying about the future.

The ant warned the grasshopper that winter would come, but the grasshopper dismissed the advice, believing there was plenty of time to prepare. When winter finally arrived, the grasshopper had nothing to eat, and the cold winds made it shiver.

Seeing the grasshopper’s plight, the ant decided to help. It shared its stored food with the grasshopper, ensuring it didn’t go hungry during the harsh winter.

Moral: It’s important to plan for the future and work hard to secure your well-being. Responsible actions today can prevent suffering tomorrow.

06-The Greedy Rabbit

Stories in English for Students
Stories in English for Students

Once upon a time, in a peaceful meadow, there lived a rabbit named Robbie. Robbie had a problem – he was very greedy. He hopped around the meadow, collecting carrots, lettuce, and other delicious vegetables, and he never shared his food with anyone.

One day, as Robbie was busily feasting on his freshly gathered carrots, he noticed a family of hungry birds nearby. The baby birds were chirping, and their mother looked exhausted. Robbie had a change of heart. He decided to share his carrots with the birds, and they were very grateful.

As the days went by, Robbie continued to share his food with the birds. They became friends, and Robbie was no longer known as the greedy rabbit. He learned that sharing brought more happiness than hoarding.

Moral: Sharing and kindness can turn a selfish heart into a generous one.

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07-The Starry Night Adventure

Stories in English for Students
Stories in English for Students

One clear night, a young boy named Timmy gazed up at the sky filled with twinkling stars. He made a wish upon a star for a magical adventure. Suddenly, a shooting star streaked across the sky, and Timmy found himself flying through the night.

He arrived in a magical land where the stars spoke, and the moon had a friendly face. They told Timmy he could have one wish. Instead of asking for a treasure, Timmy wished for peace and happiness for all the children of the world. The stars and the moon granted his wish, and he returned home.

From that day on, Timmy felt a deep sense of joy and fulfillment, knowing that his one wish had brought happiness to children everywhere.

Moral: Sometimes, the greatest joy comes from making selfless wishes for the well-being of others.

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08-The Lion’s Lesson

Stories in English for Students (10)
Stories in English for Students

In a dense jungle, there lived a wise old lion named Leo. Leo was known for his wisdom and his gentle nature, which was unusual for a lion. One day, he found a thorn stuck in his paw, causing him great pain. A kind little mouse named Miko saw Leo’s suffering and offered to help.

Miko nibbled away at the thorn and removed it, relieving Leo’s pain. Grateful for Miko’s assistance, Leo promised that he would help Miko in return, should the need ever arise.

Sometime later, Miko found himself in danger when he accidentally woke up a sleeping snake. The snake was about to attack when Leo, remembering his promise, roared loudly and scared the snake away. Miko was saved, and they both realized the value of keeping their promises and helping each other.

Moral of the Stories in English for Students

Kindness and keeping promises create strong bonds and lead to meaningful friendships.

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How can I make storytelling more interactive for students?

01-Throughout the story, you can check for understanding by asking questions to keep readers interested.

02-Allow kids to wear clothes and costumes, act out the storyline or use technology to make their own interactive stories.

03- Give kids options so they can decide which character to follow or what ending to hear.

Are there any recommended online resources for English stories for students?

Yes, there are various online resources where students can find a wide variety of English stories for reading enjoyment and intellectual enrichment. One useful website is “”

This website provides a variety of English stories appropriate for various age groups and reading levels. Students can read these books to strengthen their language abilities while also enjoying fascinating narratives with important morals and lessons.

What’s the ideal length for a story when reading to students?

Shorter stories (5-10 minutes) are suitable for younger children. Longer stories (15-30 minutes) are best for older kids.

Which story is best in English?

“The Boy Who Cried Wolf” has become known as one of the best stories ever written in the English stories era, and with good morals. This timeless fable teaches an important moral lesson about the consequences of dishonesty and the value of credibility.

Youngsters learn about the necessity of truthfulness and the potential consequences of lying through the story of a young shepherd who frequently raises false alarms about a wolf, only to be ignored when a real wolf finally approaches.

The ageless moral of the story connects with people of all ages, making it a beloved and enduring classic in the world of English literature.

Which is best moral story in English?

“The Tortoise and the Hare” is now recognized as one of the best moral stories ever. This classic fable about a slow-moving tortoise and an overconfident hare who decide to race teaches an important moral lesson. The hare is so confident of his speed that he sleeps during the race, while the tortoise plods along steadily.

In the end, the hare awakens to find the tortoise close to the finish line, and he races to catch up. The tortoise, however, wins the race because the hare’s arrogance leads to his demise. The story’s moral is “slow and steady wins the race,” emphasizing the importance of perseverance and not underestimating others.

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