What the Old Man Does is Always Right Story

What the Old Man Does is Always Right: Once upon a time, a simple farmer and his wife lived in a little old farmhouse. They had a horse, but one day the farmer decided to sell it. He asked his wife, “What should we get in return?” His wife replied, “You know best.”

What the Old Man does is Always Right Story

So, the farmer traded the horse for a cow. Then, he exchanged the cow for a goose and the goose for a fowl. The fowl was swapped for a sack of apples. The farmer, now with a sack of apples, felt hungry and tired. He decided to stop at a hotel for some food and water.

At the hotel, some wise men saw the farmer and warned him that his wife might be upset about all the exchanges. They promised him many gold coins if his wife didn’t get angry. Curious and a bit worried, the farmer told his wife about the horse turning into a sack of apples. Surprisingly, his wife kissed him happily.

The wise men, seeing the happy couple, declared that they were pleased and rewarded the farmer with a ton of gold coins. From that day on, people started saying, “What the old man does is always right!” because the farmer’s decisions brought happiness and fortune to him and his wife.

The moral of the story What the Old Man Does is Always Right

The moral is to trust and support each other’s decisions, even if they seem unusual, as it can lead to unexpected blessings and happiness.

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