Cinderella Story, Best story for kids

Once upon a time in a graphic village, there lived a youthful girl named Cinderella. She was known for her kindness, grace, and striking beauty. still, Her life was far from perfect. She lived with her wicked mammy and two stepsisters, Anastasia and Drizella, who treated her as their menial.


One sunny morning, Cinderella was in the kitchen, recalling the bottom while her stepsisters lolled around the house.

Stepmother- Cinderella, you lazy girl! Make sure you finish all your chores before we return from the royal ball tonight!”

Cinderella- Yes, mama .”

As her mammy and stepsisters left for the ball, Cinderella could not do anything but feel a sense of craving. She wished she could attend the grand event herself.

Suddenly, a shimmering light filled the room, and Cinderella’s Fairy godmother appeared in a pall of magic dust.

Fairy Godmother- My dear Cinderella, why do you look so sad?”

Cinderella- I wish I could go to the royal ball, but I’ve nothing to wear.”

Fairy Godmother- Fear not, my child. With a surge of my wand, I shall transfigure you into a beautiful queen.”

With a surge of her wand, Cinderella’s ragged clothes turned into a magnific gown, and her worn-out shoes converted into foamy glass slippers.

Cinderella- Thank you, Godmother!”

Fairy Godmother- Flash back, my dear, you must leave the ball before night, for the magic will wear off.”

Cinderella- I will. Godmother, Thank you!”

Cinderella arrived at the royal ball, where she captured everyone’s attention, including the handsome Prince Charming.

Prince Charming”- May I have this dance?”

Cinderella- Yes, Your Highness.”

They danced the night down, and Cinderella was the happiest she had ever been. still, as the timepiece struck night, she flashed back her puck godmother’s warning.

Cinderella- I must go!”

She rushed out of the palace, leaving behind one of her glass slippers.

The coming day, Prince Charming could not forget the mysterious girl he’d danced with. He decided to find her, starting with the glass slipper she had left before. He traveled to every house in the villages, trying to find the proprietor of the slipper.

Eventually, Prince Charming arrived at Cinderella’s house, and Anastasia and Drizella tried to squeeze their bases into the glass slipper.

Anastasia- It’s too tight!”

Drizella- It’s too loose!”

Cinderella’s mammy” I am sorry, Your majesty. There are no other girls in this house.”

Just also, Cinderella appeared, holding the corresponding glass slipper.

Cinderella- May I try it on, Your Highness.”

Prince Charming- Of course!”

The slipper fit perfectly, and Cinderella was revealed as the mysterious girl from the ball. The Prince and Cinderella were joyfully reunited.

Prince Charming- You’re the one I have been searching for!”

Cinderella- And you’re my Prince Charming.”

They were married, and Cinderella’s wicked mammy and stepsisters were left in admiration of her happily ever later.

And so, Cinderella’s kindness and inner beauty had won her the love and happiness she merited, proving that indeed in the face of atrocity, virtuousness always prevails.

Moral of the story of Cinderella

It teaches our kids the importance of kindness. It urges people to be nice to others, especially in difficult situations, because kindness, like Cinderella’s, may bring about positive change and lead to a happy and satisfying life.

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