Cut Your Coat According to Your Cloth

Cut your coat according to your cloth- Timmy, a knowledgeable little tailor, lived in a charming small village. Timmy was well-known for his outstanding stitching abilities and kind heart. He enjoyed assisting people and was always willing to provide a helping hand when someone needed it. Timmy’s little home was bursting at the seams with bright fabrics, buttons of all shapes and sizes, and needles that shone like stars.

As Timmy was tending to his garden, he overheard a group of children talking excitedly about the upcoming annual village fair. The fair was a grand event where villagers showcased their talents, crafts, and products. All the children were planning to wear their finest clothes, hoping to win the “Best Dressed award”. Timmy noticed that one little girl, Sumi, seemed worried and sad.

Timmy came over to Sumi and asked what was bothering her. With a sigh, Sumi said, “We don’t have much money, and my mother also can not afford to buy me a new outfit for this fair. I want to wear the most beautiful dress at the fair. I don’t want to come out as average compared to the others.

Timmy patted Sumi’s shoulder, reassuring her. “Don’t worry, Sumi, my lovely. I can help you with a solution. Cut your coat according to your cloth, as the saying goes. It means that you need to appreciate what you have and, make the most of it. Let me help you make a gorgeous gown using the fabric we already have.

Excited by the idea, Sumi agreed, and they spent the next few days designing and stitching her dress. Timmy used every piece of fabric thoughtfully, creating a dress that was not only beautiful but also unique and perfect for Sumi. She felt like a princess in her new dress and was overjoyed with gratitude.

Everyone in the hamlet assembled on the day of the fair, decked out to the nines, and eager to display their prowess. Sumi strode boldly to the fairgrounds, wearing her magnificent handcrafted gown. People admired Sumi’s beautiful smile and the dress’s quality. Despite her more casual clothes, Sumi’s inner contentment and confidence set her apart from the pack.

Cut your coat according to your cloth
Cut your coat according to your cloth

The fair continued with numerous events until it came to the “Best Dressed” contest. The assessors were amazed by the gorgeous clothes worn by the youngsters, but Sumi’s clothing grabbed them with its beauty. Sumi was surprised and delighted when the judges gave her first place.

As the fair came to an end, Timmy was proud of Sumi’s success. He realized that the old saying, “Cut your coat according to your cloth,” had taught him an important lesson too. It wasn’t about having the fanciest materials or the most extravagant attire, but rather, it was about using what one had wisely and appreciating the value of simplicity and contentment.

Timmy quickly became the village’s go-to person for everyone in need of assistance or counsel. He taught the kids how to sew and shared his expertise with them. The town was alive with innovation and excitement, and everyone learned to appreciate their abilities and resources.

Moral– “Be Happy with What You Have and Use It Well”

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