Doctor Know all, The Best Story

Doctor Know all Story: Once upon a time, there was a peasant named Crabbe who had a big dream – he wanted to become a doctor. He went to a real doctor and asked for advice. The doctor, in a playful manner, told Crabbe to buy a doctor’s manual and call himself ‘Doctor Know-all.’ Little did they know, this playful suggestion would lead to a series of unexpected events.

Doctor Know-all Story

Word spread about Doctor Know-all’s abilities, and soon a nobleman approached Crabbe for help. The nobleman’s money had been stolen, and he needed someone to find it. Excited and eager to prove himself, Crabbe agreed to take on the challenge and brought along his wife for support.

When they arrived at the nobleman’s house, dinner was served. Crabbe, trying to impress his wife with his newfound doctor knowledge, pointed at the dishes and said, “That’s one, that’s two, and that’s three,” referring to the courses. However, the servants who had stolen the money misunderstood and thought Crabbe was identifying them as the thieves!

To test Crabbe’s abilities, the nobleman asked him to guess the contents of a covered platter. Without any hesitation, Crabbe exclaimed, “Ah, poor Crabbe!” It turned out the platter contained crabs, not money. The servants, feeling guilty, confessed everything to Crabbe.

Worried about the consequences, the servants offered Crabbe a deal – they would return the stolen money and share the reward if he didn’t reveal their identity. Crabbe, being clever, agreed to the plan. He pretended to consult his doctor’s manual and ‘discovered’ the location of the money.

When the stolen money was found, the nobleman was thrilled and rewarded Crabbe for his seemingly miraculous skills. To everyone’s surprise, Crabbe also received a share from the guilty servants. In the end, Crabbe’s dream of becoming a doctor came true unexpectedly and amusingly.

Moral of the story of Doctor Know all Story

The story teaches us about the power of cleverness, quick thinking, and the value of teamwork.

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