English story with moral

English story with moral- These are the timeless stories that will entertain, inspire, and teach you important life lessons.” Each of the 21 English stories with moral teachings in this collection shows its wisdom, bringing insights into courage, generosity, perseverance, and the complexity of human nature.

From ancient folklore to modern parables, these stories attract readers while conveying important truths relevant to the human experience. As we analyze these stories, each with a treasure trove of values just waiting to be discovered and loved.”

Story 1: The Wise Farmer

Once upon a time, in a little village in India, a farmer named Raju lived. He owned a small plot of land and worked hard to grow crops to support his family.

One day, a severe drought struck the village, and all the crops began to wither away. Raju was worried as he had no water for his crops. He went to the wise village elder, an old man named Guruji, seeking advice.

Guruji said, “Raju, there’s a well on the outskirts of the village. It is said to have a magical water source deep within. But the well is guarded by a spirit who only grants access to those who can answer its riddle correctly.”

Determined to save his crops, Raju decided to seek the well and face the spirit. As he reached the well, he saw a mysterious creature sitting beside it. The creature challenged him with a riddle, “I am full of keys but cannot open any locks. What am I?”

Raju thought for a while and remembered the answer he had heard from Guruji. “A piano!” he exclaimed confidently.

Impressed, the spirit allowed Raju to draw water from the well. Raju watered his crops, and miraculously, they began to revive. Soon, his farm blossomed with fresh produce, while the other farms suffered due to the drought.

The villagers were amazed and asked Raju how he managed to save his crops. Raju shared the importance of wisdom and using knowledge to overcome challenges. He explained, “In difficult times, having the right answer can unlock many opportunities.”

The moral of the story: Knowledge is valuable and can help overcome even the toughest challenges.

Story 2: The Kind Sparrow

In a bustling city in India, there lived a little sparrow named Chirpy. She was known for her kindness and helpful nature towards other birds and animals.

One scorching summer day, a big forest fire broke out near the city. Animals and birds were fleeing from the forest, trying to escape the raging flames. Chirpy noticed a family of squirrels trapped near the fire and quickly flew to their rescue.

She guided the squirrels through safe paths, leading them away from the fire to a nearby garden. The squirrels were immensely grateful and thanked Chirpy for her selfless help.

The news of Chirpy’s brave act spread throughout the bird community. Everyone praised her courage and kindness. But soon after, a wicked hawk named Hunter noticed Chirpy’s popularity and grew jealous of her.

One day, when Chirpy was flying alone, Hunter ambushed her, intending to harm her out of envy. But just in time, a group of sparrows, whom Chirpy had helped before, came to her rescue. Together, they scared away the hawk and saved Chirpy from danger.

Grateful for her previous kindness, the sparrows protected Chirpy and escorted her safely back to her nest. Chirpy realized that her earlier acts of kindness had earned her friends who stood by her in times of need.

The moral of the story: Kindness always comes back to help you in unexpected ways. Being good to others creates a circle of support and friendship.

Story 3: The Helpful Ants

In a lush green forest, there lived a hardworking ant colony. Among them was a young ant named Ankit. He was known for his eagerness to help others.

One day, heavy rains flooded the forest, and many animals were distressed as their homes were submerged. Ankit quickly rallied his fellow ants and devised a plan to assist the stranded creatures.

English story with moral

The ants formed a chain, helping animals reach higher ground and safely transporting them to dry areas. They worked tirelessly until every animal was out of danger.

The grateful animals thanked Ankit and the ants for their selfless help. Ankit learned that teamwork and willingness to help others in tough times make a big difference.

The moral of the story: Helping others in need brings joy and creates strong bonds.

Story 4: The Caring Elephant

In a vast jungle, there lived an elephant named Gajraj. He was known for his caring nature towards all animals, big and small.

One day, a baby monkey named Momo separated from his family and was lost in the jungle. Momo was scared and didn’t know how to find his way back.

Gajraj spotted Momo and gently lifted him onto his back. With his kind heart, Gajraj searched the entire jungle until he found Momo’s family. The monkeys were overjoyed to see Momo safe and sound.

Momo hugged Gajraj and thanked him for his help. Gajraj showed that even the mightiest can be the kindest.

The moral of the story: Kindness knows no size or strength; it comes from the heart.

Story 5: The Generous Mango Tree

Near a village, there stood a mango tree that bore the most delicious mangoes. The tree, named Amba, was generous and shared its fruits with everyone.

One day, a poor man passing by the tree felt hungry. Amba noticed his plight and dropped ripe mangoes at his feet. The man was grateful for the unexpected meal.

Word spread about Amba’s generosity, and people from far and wide came to taste its sweet mangoes. Amba’s branches were always heavy with fruit, ready to offer to anyone in need.

Amba taught everyone the joy of sharing and giving without expecting anything in return.

The moral of the story: Sharing brings happiness and spreads joy to all.

Story 6: The Brave Rabbit

In a meadow, lived a tiny rabbit named Bunty. Despite being small, Bunty was known for his bravery.

One day, a fierce fox threatened the other animals. Bunty, with his quick wit, devised a plan to outsmart the fox.

English story with moral

He gathered all the animals and explained how they could work together to scare off the fox. With unity and coordination, they executed Bunty’s plan.

The fox, taken aback by the collective effort, fled the meadow and never returned. Bunty showed that courage and teamwork can overcome even the toughest challenges.

The moral of the story: Unity and bravery can conquer fear and protect everyone.

Story 7: The Honest Woodcutter

In a village, there lived a woodcutter named Ram. One day, while cutting wood near a river, Ram’s axe slipped and fell into the water.

He was distraught as that axe was his only means of earning a living. To his surprise, a water fairy appeared and asked him what happened.

Ram, being honest, told the fairy about his lost axe. Impressed by his honesty, the fairy dived into the water brought back a golden axe and asked if it was his.

Ram replied, “No, that’s not mine.” The fairy, touched by his honesty, rewarded him with his lost axe and the golden one as a gift.

Ram learned that honesty is the best policy and brings its rewards.

The moral of the story: Honesty is a priceless virtue that brings unexpected rewards.

Story 8: The Curious Sparrow

In a village, there lived a curious little sparrow named Chirpy. Chirpy loved exploring new places and meeting different birds.

One day, she overheard some pigeons talking about a magnificent garden filled with the most beautiful flowers. Eager to see it, Chirpy flew to the garden.

As she admired the flowers, a kind gardener warned her, “Little sparrow, these flowers are delicate. Please don’t pluck them.”

English story with moral (2)

Chirpy, carried away by their beauty, plucked a few petals to take back home. But as she flew away, she felt guilty for disobeying the gardener’s warning.

Upon reaching her nest, Chirpy realized the flowers had lost their beauty and wilted. She regretted her actions and flew back to the garden to apologize.

The gardener forgave her and explained, “Every living thing needs care and respect. Beauty lies in enjoying without harming.”

Chirpy learned that respecting others’ belongings is crucial, and beauty remains when treated with care and love.

The moral of the story: Respect and care for things around you to preserve their beauty and value.

Story 9: The Industrious Bee

In a vibrant garden, a diligent bee named Buzzee lived among colourful flowers. Buzzee was admired for her hard work in collecting nectar.

One summer, the flowers bloomed abundantly, but Buzzee noticed one sad flower that hadn’t blossomed. She asked the flower why it remained closed.

The flower explained, “I’m shy and afraid I won’t be as beautiful as others.” Buzzee reassured the flower and spread pollen from other flowers to help it bloom.

Gradually, the flower opened up, revealing its unique beauty. It thanked Buzzee for her kindness, and the garden became even more beautiful with the flower’s radiance.

Buzzee taught the flower that everyone has their beauty, and sometimes, a little help brings out the best in us.

The moral of the story: Kindness helps bring out the beauty in everyone.

Story 10: The Wise Owl

In a serene forest, lived a wise old owl named Ollie. Animals often sought Ollie’s advice because of his wisdom.

One day, a group of rabbits argued over the best way to escape from predators. They turned to Ollie for guidance.

Ollie told them, “United you stand, divided you fall. Form a circle and watch out for each other.”

The rabbits followed Ollie’s advice and formed a circle, protecting one another. When the predators approached, they couldn’t harm any rabbit as they were shielded by their unity.

The rabbits thanked Ollie for his wise counsel. They learned that unity and cooperation can overcome any danger.

The moral of the story: Unity is strength, and together, we are stronger.

Story 11: The Humble Peacock

In a forest, there lived a magnificent peacock named Priya. She was admired for her stunning feathers and often boasted about them.

One day, heavy rain damaged Priya’s feathers, leaving her feeling ashamed and embarrassed.


A wise old crow noticed her distress and said, “Priya, true beauty lies within. Your humility and kind heart make you truly magnificent, not just your feathers.”

Priya realized the importance of inner beauty and began to appreciate herself beyond her physical appearance.

She learned that real beauty comes from within and how we treat others, not just outward appearances.

The moral of the story: True beauty is in one’s character, not just external appearances.

Story 12: The Diligent Spider

In a cosy corner of a house, lived a tiny spider named Spidey. Spidey loved weaving intricate webs, but one day, heavy winds destroyed her web.

Disheartened, Spidey contemplated giving up. But then she remembered her mother’s advice, “Persistence is the key to success.”

Spidey worked hard, tirelessly weaving her web again. Despite facing challenges, she didn’t give up.

Eventually, she spun the most beautiful web stronger than before. Her determination and hard work paid off, and she felt proud of her achievement.

Spidey taught everyone that perseverance and hard work lead to success.

The moral of the story: Perseverance and hard work pave the way to success.

Story 13: The Friendly Elephant and the Mice

Once there lived a gentle elephant named Ellie. She was loved by all the animals for her kindness.

One day, while Ellie was peacefully walking through the forest, she accidentally stepped on a family of mice who were hiding under leaves. The mice were terrified and scurried away.

Ellie felt terrible for causing them fear and decided to find the mice to apologize. She searched everywhere until she found them hiding in a burrow.

The mice were afraid but Ellie spoke gently, “I’m sorry for frightening you. I didn’t mean any harm.”

The mice saw Ellie’s kindness and forgave her. They became friends, and Ellie promised to be more careful while walking in the forest.

The mice realise that mistakes happen, and forgiveness brings friendship.

The moral of the story: Forgiveness fosters friendship and understanding.

Story 14: The Diligent Ant and the Lazy Grasshopper

In a sunny meadow, there lived a hardworking ant named Andy and a carefree grasshopper named Greg.

Andy spent his days collecting food for the winter, while Greg sang and danced, enjoying the pleasant weather.

As winter approached, Andy had a stockpile of food, but Greg had none. Seeing Greg shivering in the cold, Andy offered to share his food.

Grateful for Andy’s kindness, Greg learned the importance of hard work and planning for the future.

He realized that being prepared is crucial and promised to be more responsible.

The moral of the story: Hard work and preparation yield rewards in times of need.

Story 15: The Helpful Crow

In a village, lived a clever crow named Charlie. He noticed a poor widow struggling to carry water from the river to her home every day.

Moved by her plight, Charlie had an idea. He found a jug with a narrow neck and dropped pebbles into it one by one until the water rose to the top.

Every day, Charlie filled the jug with water from the river using this technique, making it easier for the widow to carry.

The widow was amazed and grateful for Charlie’s ingenious help. She learned that small acts of kindness can make a big difference.

The moral of the story: Even small efforts can bring significant relief to someone in need.

Story 16: The Wise Turtle

In a peaceful pond, there lived a wise old turtle named Tilly. Animals from far and wide sought her advice for her wisdom.

One day, a young fish asked Tilly how to be as wise as her. Tilly replied, “Observing and learning from experiences around you makes one wise.”

The fish eagerly followed Tilly’s advice, observing nature and learning from the happenings in the pond.

Over time, the fish grew wiser, making better decisions and guiding others like Tilly had guided him.

The moral of the story: Wisdom comes from observing, learning, and applying knowledge.

Story 17: The Selfless Dog

In a bustling town, lived a selfless dog named Buddy. He had a unique gift of making everyone smile with his friendly nature.

One day, Buddy noticed stray dogs hungry and cold on the streets. He decided to share his food and warmth with them.

Seeing Buddy’s kindness, people started donating food and blankets for the strays. Buddy’s selfless act inspired everyone to help the needy.

Buddy showed that a small act of kindness can start a chain of generosity.

The moral of the story: Kindness spreads joy and inspires others to be generous.

Story 18: The Generous Farmer

In a peaceful village, there lived a farmer named Arjun. Arjun was known for his generous nature and willingness to share his harvest with others.

One year, a severe drought struck the village, causing crops to wither. Arjun’s farm was the only one with some produce, as he had managed to save some grains.

Instead of keeping it all for himself, Arjun distributed a portion of his grains to his neighbours who were struggling. He taught them how to conserve water and make the best use of limited resources.

Arjun’s generosity and guidance helped the villagers survive the drought. They learned the importance of sharing and supporting each other in difficult times.

The moral of the story: Sharing and helping others during hard times make a community stronger.

Story 19: The Kind Butterfly

In a blooming garden, there lived a kind-hearted butterfly named Bella. Bella loved fluttering from flower to flower, spreading happiness.

One day, she noticed a caterpillar struggling to find food. Bella shared some nectar from the flowers and encouraged the caterpillar to keep trying.

Grateful for Bella’s kindness, the caterpillar thanked her and promised to help others once it transformed into a butterfly.


Eventually, the caterpillar turned into a beautiful butterfly and, true to its word, began spreading kindness just like Bella.

Bella showed that a small act of kindness can inspire others to do the same, creating a chain of goodwill.

The moral of the story: Kindness is contagious; it inspires others to be kind too.

Story 20: The Selfless Tree

In a serene garden, stood a selfless tree named Tara. Tara was admired for her generosity in providing shade and fruits to everyone.

One day, a weary traveller sat under Tara, seeking refuge from the scorching sun. Tara offered her juicy fruits and comforted the traveller.

Grateful for Tara’s kindness, the traveller rested and shared stories of the world with Tara. The traveller vowed to spread the tale of Tara’s selflessness.

Tara showed that selflessly helping others brings joy and spreads goodwill.

The moral of the story: Kindness and selflessness bring joy and respect from others.

Story 21: The Helpful Frog and the Selfish Snake

In a serene pond, lived a helpful frog named Freddy and a selfish snake named Slyther. Freddy always lent a hand to other pond creatures, while Slyther cared only for himself.

One day, a heavy rain flooded the pond, and many creatures struggled to find higher ground. Freddy immediately started guiding the creatures to safety.

On the other hand, Slyther climbed onto a high branch and ignored the creatures’ pleas for help, worried only about himself.

As the water receded, the creatures thanked Freddy for his selfless help. Slyther regretted his selfishness and realized the importance of helping others in times of need.

The moral of the story: Selflessness brings appreciation, while selfishness brings regret.

FAQs English story with moral

Q: What is the importance of reading English stories with morals?

A: Reading English stories with morals helps in instilling values, ethics, and life lessons in an engaging and relatable manner.

Q: Can you provide an example of an English story with a moral?

A: The Tortoise and the Hare,” an English fable with a moral, imparts the lesson that slow and steady wins the race.

Q: How can English stories with morals benefit children?

A: Children can benefit from English stories with morals by learning vital life lessons, strengthening their language and comprehension skills, and developing their moral thinking.

Q: Are there different types of morals found in English stories?

A: Yes, English stories can have a variety of morals, such as themes of honesty, perseverance, kindness, and humility, among others.

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