Moral stories in English PDF

Moral stories in English PDF: Explore a collection of moral stories in English, available in PDF format. These stories aim to impart valuable lessons and teach important morals in an engaging and accessible manner. Enjoy the wisdom and entertainment as we have written these interesting tales that present insights for readers of all ages.

The Wise Soldier and the Secret Kingdom 

Once upon a time, a soldier and a huntsman set out on a journey together. As night fell, they sought shelter in a house near the forest. An old woman warned them that it was a den for robbers.

Moral stories in English PDF

Soon enough, the robbers returned, and the old woman’s warning came true. The robbers captured the soldier and the huntsman. Quick thinking, the soldier came up with a plan. He told the robbers they were hungry and thirsty and asked for some food and drink before anything else.

The robbers agreed, and while they were busy eating and drinking, the soldier secretly cast a spell on them. Suddenly, the robbers found themselves unable to move! Seizing the opportunity, the soldier and the huntsman, along with some friends of the huntsman, arrested the robbers.

Together, they took the captured robbers to a nearby kingdom. It turned out that the huntsman was not just an ordinary huntsman; he was the king in disguise! The people in the kingdom had been scared of the robbers, but they couldn’t catch them. So, the king took matters into his own hands.

Grateful for the soldier’s help, the king invited him to live in the kingdom. The king promised to provide everything the soldier needed, and from that day on, the soldier happily lived in the kingdom, where he had all his needs taken care of.

Moral: Teamwork and clever thinking can overcome challenges, leading to success and happiness.

The Wishing Cap and the Crystal Ball

Once upon a time, there was a sorceress who had three sons. One day, she used her magic to turn two of her sons into an eagle and a whale. But the third son was smart. He ran away to escape his mother’s spell.

As he journeyed, he stumbled upon two giants arguing over a magical wishing cap. Quick as a wink, he grabbed the cap and wished himself into a castle. Inside, he met a kind princess who told him about a crystal ball that could break the spell on his brothers.

To find the crystal ball, the princess gave him a special task. He had to fight a fierce bull near a spring. When he defeated the bull, a bird flew out of it. This bird laid an egg, and inside the yolk of that egg was a precious crystal ball.

But there was a catch! The princess warned him that if he dropped the egg, everything would be destroyed by fire. Determined to save his brothers, the young boy followed her instructions carefully and retrieved the crystal ball.

As soon as he broke the spell with the crystal ball, his brothers returned to their human forms. Grateful for his bravery and kindness, the princess married the youngest son, and they lived happily ever after.

Moral: Courage and determination can overcome even the most powerful magic, and kindness is rewarded with love and happiness.

The Glass Mountain’s Secret

Once upon a time, there was a king who built a tall glass mountain. He declared, “Whoever can climb this mountain can marry my daughter!”

The princess wanted to help one of the suitors, so she joined him in climbing the mountain. But, oh no! As they climbed, the princess slipped and fell, and the mountain swallowed her up!

Inside the mountain, she met Old Rinkrank, a wizard. He made her work for him as his servant. Every day, he would magically bring out a ladder from his pocket, climb up the mountain, and then pull the ladder back up with him. When he returned, he would bring gold and silver with him.

One day, the princess had an idea. She closed all the doors and windows of the cave, leaving only a tiny window open. When Rinkrank returned, she refused to open the door. Instead, she peeked out through the small window and saw Rinkrank’s long beard. Quickly, she slammed the window shut on his beard, trapping him!

With Rinkrank stuck, the princess was free to climb out using the ladder. She rushed to her father and told him everything that had happened. The king was furious with Rinkrank for trapping his daughter, so he punished the wizard.

Finally, the princess was able to marry the suitor she had helped, and they lived happily ever after.

Moral: Cleverness and courage can overcome challenges, and kindness is rewarded in the end.

The Traveller and the Tears of Emerald

Once upon a time, a kind old woman met a traveller. She had a heavy bag and asked the traveller for help to carry it up the mountain. Together, they climbed and climbed until they reached the mountain’s top. There, they saw a girl taking care of geese.

Moral stories in English PDF

The old woman was grateful for the traveller’s help, so she gave him a special box filled with shiny emeralds. The traveller said his goodbyes and continued his journey. As he traveled, he reached a kingdom.

Curious about what was inside the box, he went to the king and presented the emeralds. When the queen saw them, she gasped and told the traveller a surprising story. She explained that her daughter’s tears turned into emeralds. The king had sent her away from the kingdom for something she did wrong, but now he regretted his decision.

The traveller shared the story and revealed where he got the box. Together, they all went back to the mountain. As they reached the top, they were filled with joy and sadness. The old woman disappeared, and the king and queen cried when they saw their daughter tending geese.

The wise old woman reappeared and scolded the king and queen, telling them they had been unfair to their daughter. Then, like magic, the family was reunited. They hugged each other tightly, grateful to be together again. And from that day on, they lived happily ever after.

Moral: Never judge someone too quickly, for they may be more precious than you realize.

The Woodcutter’s Daughter and the Kindness Spell

Once upon a time, there was a woodcutter with three daughters. One day, he asked his eldest daughter to bring him food in the woods. But, oh dear, she lost her way and found herself in front of a hut. Inside, there was an old man, a hen, a cock, and a cow. The old man kindly let her stay and she cooked dinner for everyone.

As night fell, the old man opened a trapdoor, and she found herself in a cozy cellar. The same thing happened the next day with the second daughter. On the third day, it was the youngest daughter’s turn. She reached the hut, cooked food for everyone, and went to bed.

To her surprise, when she woke up, she wasn’t in the hut anymore! Instead, she was in a beautiful palace. A prince and his three attendants were there too. 

The prince explained that a wicked witch had cast a spell on him, turning him into an old man. The spell could only be broken when a kind woman arrived, showing kindness not only to the prince but also to the animals.

The youngest daughter had broken the spell with her kindness. The prince and the animals were free! Grateful for her goodness, the prince asked her to stay in the palace, and they all lived happily ever after.

Moral: Kindness has the power to break even the strongest spells and bring happiness to others.

The Glass Chamber

Once upon a time, a tailor was traveling when he stumbled upon an old hut. Tired and in need of rest, he decided to spend the night there. When he woke up the next morning, something amazing happened!

Right in front of his eyes, a stag and a bull started to fight. Surprisingly, the stag won the battle! After the fight, the stag spoke to the tailor and told him about a special stone. The stag said that if the tailor moved this stone, he would discover a treasure. Excited about the prospect of a fortune, the tailor agreed and moved the stone.

To his surprise, the ground beneath him opened up, and he fell into a grand hall. In the hall, he found a glass chamber with a girl inside. The stag, which could talk, instructed the tailor to break the glass chamber and free the girl. Following the stag’s advice, the tailor broke the glass, and the girl was set free.

The girl, once imprisoned in the glass chamber, shared her story with the tailor. She was the daughter of a wealthy man. A wicked magician had asked her to marry him, but when she refused, he turned her brother into a stag and trapped her in the glass chamber.

As soon as they stepped out of the chamber, a magical transformation occurred. The stag turned back into a man! 

Overjoyed, the tailor and the girl realized they had a special connection. They decided to get married, and from that day on, they lived happily ever after.

Moral: Kindness and bravery can break curses and lead to unexpected happiness.

The Ghostly Gift of Love

Once upon a time, there was a kind couple who had a guest staying with them. This guest had a peculiar experience one midnight. He saw a girl entering the house! Oh, how frightened he was! But when he told the owner of the house, they said they didn’t see any girl.

The next night, the guest saw the same girl again. This time, she was digging between the floorboards. The guest, feeling scared, went to tell the lady of the house about what he had seen. The lady, however, had a different explanation. She shared that the girl might be their daughter, who had passed away a month ago.

The mother explained that their daughter had received some money and wanted to give it to a poor man. She had hidden the money until she found the right person but unfortunately, passed away before that. The mother believed that the girl might have returned to check on the money.

With the guest’s help, they followed the girl’s actions and found the money hidden between the floorboards, just as the guest had described. Following their daughter’s wish, the parents donated the money to a poor man. After that, the girl was never seen again. The parents believed that she was at peace, knowing her wish had been fulfilled.

Moral: Keeping promises, even beyond life, can bring peace and happiness.

The Man Who Believed He Was the Smartest

Once upon a time, there was a man who loved to boast. One day, he proudly told his friend that he was the smartest person in the whole wide world! The friend, having another guest with him, wasn’t so sure.

Moral stories in English PDF

The guest, hearing the bragging, decided to challenge the man. He said, “Let’s see who’s truly clever. Come back tomorrow, and we’ll find out!”

The next day, the boastful man set out on his way. On his journey, he came across a lovely shoe lying on the path. However, he didn’t stop to pick it up. Little did he know, his challenger was hiding nearby.

After the bragging man passed by, the challenger picked up the shoe, took a shortcut, and reached a spot ahead of the braggart. He cleverly placed the shoe back on the path and waited.

When the boastful man came along, he was surprised to see another shoe that looked just like the one he had seen earlier. Confused, he realized he should have picked up the first shoe. So, he decided to go back, leaving his sled and deer tied to a tree.

As he retraced his steps, the challenger picked up both his shoes and the sled. Poof! He vanished from the spot. The bragging man returned, only to find his sled missing! He figured out what had happened and followed the footprints of his deer to the challenger’s house. There, he admitted his defeat and went home without his sled, as a reminder not to boast too much. 

Moral: it’s better to be humble than to brag, or you might end up losing something important!

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