Snow-White and Rose-Red, Attractive Fairy Story

Snow-White and Rose-Red Story: Once upon a time, there was a poor widow who had two daughters named Snow-White and Rose-Red. They lived in a little cottage. One evening, there was a knock on their door, and to their surprise, it was a friendly bear seeking shelter from the cold.

Snow-White and Rose-Red Story

The bear became a regular visitor, coming every evening to the widow’s home. The girls named him “Furry” because of his soft and furry fur. They would share their home and food with him, and Furry seemed to enjoy their company.

One day, Snow-White and Rose-Red went into the forest to gather firewood. As they roamed through the woods, they discovered a peculiar sight. A little dwarf’s long beard was stuck in a tree, and he couldn’t free himself. Snow-White, always helpful, took out her scissors and snipped off the end of the dwarf’s beard, setting him free.

Sometime later, the girls encountered the dwarf again. This time, his beard was tangled in a fish he had caught. Once again, Snow-White took her scissors and cut off a part of the dwarf’s beard, rescuing him from the fish’s grip.

Unexpectedly, a bear appeared and punched the dwarf. The girls were scared until they realized that the bear was Furry, the one who visited their home every evening! As soon as they recognized him, something magical happened – the bear transformed into a handsome young prince!

The prince explained that the dwarf had stolen his treasures, and the curse was broken because of the girls’ kindness. Grateful for their help, the prince wanted to repay them. Snow-White married him, and Rose-Red married his kind and good-natured brother.

From that day on, the two families lived happily ever after, sharing love, kindness, and the joy of having found true friends in each other.

Moral Story of Snow-White and Rose-Red

The story teaches us about the rewards of kindness and how good deeds can lead to wonderful and magical outcomes.

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