The beauty and The beast

Once upon a time, there was a kind and beautiful girl named Belle who lived in a pretty village. She loved books and had a big smile that made everyone happy. But near her village, a scary Beast was living in a spooky castle.

People thought The Beast was mean and dangerous because of his big size, sharp teeth, and messy fur. But Belle was curious and wanted to know the truth about him.

One day, Belle’s dad got lost in the forest and accidentally went into the Beast’s castle. The Beast could have hurt him, but instead, he let Belle’s dad stay in the castle. Belle got worried when her dad didn’t come back home, so she eagerly went to find her father.

At the castle, Belle met magical objects that could talk! They told her about a curse put on the Beast and his servants by a bad sorceress. The curse could only be broken by true love.

The beauty and The beast
The beauty and the Beast

As Belle spent time with the Beast, she noticed that he wasn’t so bad after all. He was kind deep down inside, and they became friends. They laughed, shared stories, and had meals together. As they got to know each other better, Belle realized she loved the Beast. And when she confessed her feelings, something magical happened! The Beast turned into a handsome prince because true love broke the curse.

Belle and the prince got married and lived happily in the castle with all his servants. They showed everyone that appearances don’t matter, and true beauty comes from the heart.

The moral of the story of The Beauty and The beast is that love and kindness can change everything. We should always look beyond how someone looks and try to see the goodness inside them. And who knows true love might bring a happy ending just like it did for The Beauty and The Beast!

Synonyms of The Beauty and The beast

Words Synonyms
messy dirty, filthy, grubby, soiled, grimy
furhair, wool, coat, mane, fleece
cursemalediction, the evil eye, imprecation, swear word
sorceresswitch, hag, enchantress, magician.

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