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The Blue Light Story: Once upon a time, there was a brave soldier who had spent his entire life fighting for the king. However, when he grew old and could no longer serve the way he used to, the king decided to send him away. The old soldier found himself wandering without a home or a purpose.

The Blue Light Story

One day, he came across a humble hut and asked the woman living there for shelter. The woman agreed but had a strange request. She wanted the soldier to go into a well and retrieve her blue light. The soldier hesitated, but the woman insisted. When he refused, she pushed him into the well.

In the darkness of the well, the soldier found a mysterious blue light. To his surprise, when he lit his pipe with the blue light, a friendly dwarf appeared. The dwarf told the soldier that he could grant him wishes. The soldier immediately asked to be taken out of the well, and the dwarf granted his wish.

That night, the soldier, feeling mischievous, kidnapped the princess from the royal palace and brought her to his home. He made her do his chores but returned her to the palace the next morning. The princess, puzzled by the unusual events, told her mother, the queen, about the strange dream.

The queen, being wise, instructed the princess that if the dream recurred, she should leave her shoes behind. The next morning, the soldiers found the princess’ shoes in the soldier’s house. Suspicion arose, and just before he was about to be punished, the soldier asked for the blue light and secretly told the dwarf to attack the king.

The dwarf, true to the soldier’s wish, created chaos in the kingdom. The king, realizing the consequences of his actions, begged for mercy and apologized to the soldier. The soldier, having his revenge, forgave the king. The blue light and the clever soldier’s wishes turned the tide, bringing about understanding and forgiveness.

In the end, the soldier decided to use his last wish to bring prosperity and happiness to the kingdom.

The Moral of the Story of The Blue Light Story

The story teaches us about the power of forgiveness, second chances, and the importance of using our wishes for good.

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