The Clever Younger Brother interesting Story

The Clever Younger Brother: Once upon a time, three brothers decided to go on an adventure to find their fortune. As they traveled, the youngest brother noticed something important. When they came across an anthill, he stopped his older brothers from destroying it.

The Clever Younger Brother and the Stone Castle

Later, when they found ducks, the youngest brother prevented them from harming the ducks. And when his brother was destroying a beehive, he urged them not to destroy it.

Eventually, their travels led them to a place which was built in a stone castle. Strange as it was, there were statues of horses and people, but no one was alive. Inside the castle, they met a little man who explained that a wicked witch had cast a spell on the entire kingdom, turning everything and everyone into stone.

But Still, there was hope! The little man said that whoever completed the three important tasks could break the spell. These tasks were

  • collecting a thousand pearls from the princess.
  • finding the key to her bed-chamber.
  • choosing the youngest princess among many.

The two older brothers tried their best but couldn’t succeed in finishing the tasks. It was the youngest brother who had a clever idea. He sought help from the ants, ducks, and bees whom he had saved during their journey.

With the combined efforts of his tiny friends, the youngest brother completed the tasks. The moment he finished the last one, the spell was broken! The stone figures in the kingdom came back to life.

As a reward for his kindness and cleverness, the youngest brother married the youngest princess, and lived happily.

The moral of the story of The Clever Younger Brother and the Stone Castle

Sometimes, kindness, even helping small creatures and clever thinking can overcome the most difficult challenge.

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