The Crow and the Swan

The Crow and the Swan- Once upon a time, there was a crow and a swan. They were both Friends, but they were veritably different.

The crow was small and had a candescent black body. It lived in the megacity and loved to eat leftover food it set up on the thoroughfares. The crow was noisy and always in a hurry.

On the other hand, the swan was elegant and graceful with pure white feathers. It lived in a beautiful pond in the country. The swan liked to swim peacefully and was known for its beauty. So, the crow saw the swan and felt jealous. It wished it could be as beautiful as the swan.

But formerly a group of children came to the wood. They saw the swan swimming and were charmed by its beauty. They decided to catch the swan and take it with them to their village.

The Crow and the Swan
The Crow and the Swan

The crow watched all of this and said,” If I were beautiful like the swan, the children would choose me rather than the swan.

And the swan was not happy in the village. It missed its home & the woods and the freedom to swim in its pond. Fortunately, the children someday realized that the swan belonged in the wild and set it free.

The swan returned to the wood, where the crow was staying. The crow apologized for trying to be like the swan and learned that it’s stylish to be true to oneself. and they came as good musketeers, appreciating each other for their unique rates.

Moral of the story of The Crow and the Swan

“Be yourself, because you are unique and special just the way you are!”

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