The Crows and Owls Story | Interesting Panchatantra Tales

The Crows and Owls Story: In a lively forest, all the birds come together to pick a new leader. After thinking and talking, they decided that the wise and responsible owl should be their king. They were happy with their choice and began to crown the owl as their new leader.

The Crows and Owls Story | Panchatantra Tales

But oh no! Right as the ceremony was happening, a crow swooped in. The crow spoke up, saying there were better birds who could be kings. He asked why they chose the owl, who was blind in the daytime. The birds thought about it and agreed with the crow.

The owl, feeling upset and angry, shouted at the crow. He said they would now be enemies. The other birds flew away, leaving the owl and the crow with bad feelings between them.

Later, when the forest was quiet, the crow thought to himself. He wondered why he had made the owl his enemy. The crow realized that maybe he shouldn’t have picked a fight with the owl for no good reason.

The moral story is that it’s essential to think before we speak or act. Sometimes, picking unnecessary fights can lead to problems, and it’s better to make friends than enemies. The birds could have lived happily together, but a misunderstanding caused trouble between the owl and the crow.

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FAQs of The Crows and Owls Story

What is “The Crows and Owls Story”?

“The Crows and Owls Story” is a popular fable that teaches a moral lesson through the interaction between crows and owls.

What is the moral lesson of “The Crows and Owls Story”?

The moral lesson of “The Crows and Owls Story” is often interpreted as the importance of using wisdom and intelligence to overcome challenges and not being swayed by appearances or assumptions.

Who is the author of “The Crows and Owls Story”?

The author of “The Crows and Owls Story” is Aesop, a renowned ancient Greek storyteller known for his fables.

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