The Devoted Friend Full Story

The Devoted Friend: Once upon a time, Water-rat and Duck were friends in a peaceful pond. Water-rat thought friendship meant being close and devoted, but when Duck asked what Water-rat would do for his friends, Water-rat got confused.

The Devoted Friend

Duck decided to explain through a story. There were two friends, Poor Hans and Rich Miller. In spring, Miller would visit Hans, taking flowers and fruits from his garden. But when winter came, and Hans faced tough times, Miller didn’t show up. Poor Hans had to sell his wheelbarrow to buy food.

When spring returned, Miller came back for flowers and fruits. However, instead of helping Hans, he offered his damaged wheelbarrow. In return, Miller made Hans do a lot of work for him. One tragic night, while returning from an errand, Hans drowned and passed away. At the funeral, Miller didn’t show any sadness or regret for treating his friend poorly.

Water-rat was upset after hearing the story because he didn’t understand the lesson. Duck refused to explain, and Water-rat, feeling angry and confused, went back to his hole.

Moral of The Devoted Friend

The story teaches us that true friendship involves caring for each other, especially in difficult times. It reminds us not to take advantage of our friends or be selfish, like the rich Miller. Instead, we should be kind and supportive, just like good friends do.

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