The Flying Trunk, interesting Story for Kids

The Flying Trunk: Once upon a time, there was a young man, the son of a wealthy merchant. He had everything he could ever want but ended up squandering all his father’s money. Sadly, his friends left him when he was left with nothing. However, one friend gave him a unique wooden trunk as a parting gift.

The Flying Trunk Story in English

Curious about the trunk, the young man pressed its lock, and to his surprise, the trunk flew him to Turkey! There, he saw the beautiful palace of the princess and decided to fly in through her window. When the princess woke up, he told her he was a flying prophet and shared many delightful tales.

His stories mesmerized the princess and wanted him to meet her parents. They all liked him, and soon, they decided to get married. The news of their upcoming wedding spread and people were overjoyed. Sweets were distributed among the people as a celebration.

To make the occasion even more special, the young man decided to burn some firecrackers from the sky. Excitedly, he hid the magic trunk in the forest and went to the town to buy firecrackers. However, when he returned, he realized his magical trunk had turned to ashes because of a spark from the firecrackers!

The next day, the princess waited for him on the roof, expecting him to fly back with his magic trunk and continue pretending to be a prophet. Sadly, he could no longer do so, and the young man had to face the consequences of losing his magical gift.

Moral of the story of The Flying Trunk

The story teaches us that sometimes, our choices can have unexpected consequences.

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