The Foolish Barber

The Foolish Barber-Once upon a time, in a big megacity called Agra, there lived a hairstylist named Ramu. He liked to talk a lot and tell everyone how smart he was. He’d frequently talk to the people in the megacity and act like he knew everything.

One day, the megacity heard that the clever Emperor Akbar was coming to visit. Everyone in Agra was agitated. Ramu also wanted to show the emperor how smart he was.

As the day got closer, Ramu got more and more agitated. He’d a plan to impress Emperor Akbar. He allowed of asking a tricky question that nothing could answer.

Eventually, the day came when Emperor Akbar and his wise minister Birbal arrived in the megacity. The thoroughfares were full of happy people who wanted to see the emperor. Ramu was in the crowd, holding a paper with his question.

The Foolish Barber
The Foolish Barber

When Akbar and Birbal walked by, Ramu stepped forward, bowed, and said,” Great Emperor, I’ve a question that indeed the smartest people in our megacity can not answer. However, also you are really wise, If you can tell me the answer.”

Emperor Akbar set up this entertaining and agreed to hear the question. He told Ramu to ask it.

Ramu opened the paper and read,” How far is the Moon from the Earth?”

Everybody got quiet. It was a hard question that no one had a clear answer to. Akbar looked at Birbal and also at Ramu. He said,” I’ll give you the answer hereafter at the same place.”

Ramu was happy with this. He believed he’d won and felt veritably proud. He spent the rest of the day walking around the megacity like he was the smartest person ever.

The coming day, lots of people gathered again, staying to hear the emperor’s answer. Akbar came with Birbal. Ramu stood in front of them, feeling veritably important.

Akbar started,” the distance between the Earth and the Moon is the same as the level of your foolishness.”

Everyone laughed, indeed Birbal. Ramu was surprised. He allowed he’d get a serious answer. That is when he understood that he’d made a mistake.

Emperor Akbar continued,” Real wisdom is not about asking hard questions to show off. It’s about being humble and ready to learn. No bone knows everything, and we can always learn new effects.”

Ramu felt embarrassed. He learned an important lesson on that day – being wise isn’t about boasting, but about being humble and open to literacy.

After that, Ramu changed. He stopped acting silly and started harkening to others. He understood that real wisdom comes from being open to learning from others.

The moral of the story of The Foolish Barber

True knowledge is distinguished by humility and an eagerness to learn. Making boasts and attempting to outwit others may make one look dumb rather than intelligent. The story tells us that true intellect stems from being open to new information and treating others with dignity, rather than seeking attention via arrogance.

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