The Foolish Donkey and the Wise Jackal Story

The Foolish Donkey and the Wise Jackal: In a village, there was a donkey who was scared of the farm owners. To avoid being seen, he would sneak into farms at night and return home at dawn. One night, he met a jackal, and they quickly became friends. From then on, they would meet every night to explore nearby farms and munch on tasty fruits and vegetables.

The Foolish Donkey and the Wise Jackal

One time, the donkey and the jackal found themselves in a lovely orchard filled with delicious fruits. They happily ate as much as they wanted. The donkey, feeling joyful, said he wanted to sing. However, the jackal, being wise, reminded the donkey about the need to stay quiet to avoid getting caught.

But the donkey was excited and didn’t want to listen. He started singing loudly. Unfortunately, a watchman in the orchard heard the noise and rushed towards them. The jackal, being quick and smart, ran off into the forest to escape, but the donkey wasn’t as lucky.

The Foolish Donkey and the Wise Jackal

The watchman caught the singing donkey and gave him a good scolding. The donkey received a beating for making noise and causing trouble. This taught the donkey a lesson about the importance of being quiet and not drawing attention to himself while visiting the farms at night.

The moral of the story is that sometimes, it’s better to be silent and not draw attention to ourselves, especially in situations where we might get into trouble.

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