The Four Clever Brothers Story

The Four Clever Brothers: Once upon a time, there were four brothers who decided to learn different trades. One became a thief, another an astronomer, the third a huntsman, and the fourth a tailor. Each brother traveled far and wide to master their chosen skills.

The Four Clever Brothers

When they returned home, their father wanted to test their abilities. He pointed to a nest in a nearby tree and asked them to tell him how many eggs were in it without touching the nest. The brothers used their learned skills: the thief sneaked closer without disturbing the nest, the astronomer used his telescope to count the eggs, the huntsman observed from a distance, and the tailor carefully studied the surroundings to make an educated guess. To their father’s surprise, all the brothers answered correctly.

Word spread about the brothers’ unique talents, and they became well-known in the village. One day, a big problem arose – the princess was kidnapped by a fearsome dragon! The king sought help, and the brothers were called upon to rescue the princess.

The astronomer used his telescope to locate the princess, the thief skillfully stole her from the dragon’s lair, and together they set out on a journey back home. However, their adventure was far from over. On the way, the dragon attacked them, and in the chaos, their boat was broken.

Quick to act, the huntsman bravely fought and slew the dragon, while the tailor used his sewing skills to mend the boat. Eventually, they all reached home safely with the rescued princess. The king, overjoyed and grateful, rewarded the brothers by giving each of them a quarter of the kingdom.

The brothers, once simple tradesmen, had become heroes and rulers. They learned that their diverse skills, when combined, could overcome even the toughest challenges.

Moral the story of The Four Clever Brothers

The story teaches us about the value of different talents and working together to achieve great things.

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