The Four Friends and the Hunter

The Four Friends and the Hunter-Once upon a time, four closest friends named Leo the Lion, Terry the Tiger, Eddie the Elephant, and Ruby the Rabbit lived in a little village tucked among the beautiful green woodlands. They were recognised for their unbreakable friendship and mutual love of adventure. They spent their days playing in the woods and also learning from one another.

As they started out on their common adventure one lovely morning, they came across an odd sight. In the centre of the forest, a Hunter had set up a trap. The trap was skillfully hidden, with interesting fruits strategically placed on a large net. The friends were aware of how this could danger for the forest’s innocent creatures.

Leo, the bravest among them , took the role of leader. He suggested that they should aware of all creatures about the clever trap and find a strategy to remove it. The buddies agreed and divided up, each going in a separate way to alert the animals.

Leo’s thunderous roar aroused surrounding deer, birds, and other creatures. Terry’s sneaky moves alerted the smaller creatures like squirrels and rabbits. Eddie reached out to the wise old owl and the naughty monkeys with his lengthy trunk. Ruby, being speedy and nimble, dashed through the jungle informing the fastest creatures such as cheetahs and foxes.

The hunter’s trap rapidly became known to all the animals in the forest. The animals were grateful for the warning and decided to work together to outwit the hunter. They conducted a secret meeting deep in the forest to discuss their plans.

Leo suggested they will work together to distract the hunter while one of us will be destroyed the trap. Eddie, with his huge strength, volunteered to do it. The animals agreed and the operation went on.

The Four Friends and the Hunter/
The Four Friends and the Hunter

On the chosen day, When the hunter returned to his trap, he was met with a surprise. Leo, Terry, Ruby, and many more of different animals around him. Their roars, growls, hoots, and chirps filled the forest, baffling and terrifying the hunter. He attempted to run away but the animals blocked his every move.

Meanwhile, Eddie, with his enormous strength, approached the trap with carefully. He pushed the fruits off the net with his trunk, allowing the trap to collapse harmlessly to the ground. The animals cheered when the trap broke.

With their goal completed, the friends said their goodbyes to the other animals. They returned to their normal lives, but with a renewed feeling of pride and unity. The forest’s animals continued to live comfortably, knowing that they could rely on one another in times of need.

The moral of the Story of “The Four Friends and the Hunter” taught everyone the importance of friendship, bravery, and unity. The hunter never returned to the forest after that, and the animals lived together peacefully.

The friendship between Leo, Terry, Eddie, and Ruby grew even deeper, knowing that they had made a difference and made the world a safer place for everyone. They kept exploring the forest’s beauties, their friendship act as a shining example for future generations.

Synonyms of The Four Friends and the Hunter

Trapconfine, catch, cut off
Arousedwake, wake up, set off, trigger, stir up
Outwitsteal a march on, trick, gull, make a fool of
Growlssnarl, bark, yap, bay
Hootsanimal cry, call, screech, tu-whit tu-whoo
Chirpscheep, peep, chitter, sing, high-pitched sound.
Bafflingextremely confusing or difficult to understand, mystify, bemuse, confuse, confound,

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