The friendly Witch

The Friendly Witch- Once upon a time, in a village near a magical forest, there lived a kind and friendly witch named Eliza. She had a beautiful cottage surrounded by colourful flowers and herbs. Eliza loved to help people and make them happy.

One day, a curious young boy named Oliver went to visit Eliza in her cottage. He’d heard legends about her magical abilities and was curious to discover whether they were genuine.

Oliver was first terrified, but Eliza greeted him with a kind grin.” Are you a real witch, like the ones in the stories?” Oliver inquired. “Yes, I am a witch, but not a scary one,” Eliza giggled. I utilize my magic to bring joy and, happiness into the lives of others. How can I help you?”

Oliver shared his problem. He told Eliza that he had trouble sleeping at night because he had scary nightmares. Eliza listened carefully and promised to help him.

The friendly Witch
The friendly Witch

She made a special drink using special plants and gave it to Oliver. “Drink this liquid before going to bed, and you’ll have amazing dreams,” she advised.

Oliver thanked Eliza and went home. That night, he drank the potion and fell into a peaceful sleep. His dreams were filled with amazing adventures and happy things. From that night on, Oliver slept soundly and no longer had nightmares.

Word of Eliza’s kind magic spread, and many people came to her for help. She healed the sick, comforted the sad, and brought smiles to everyone’s faces.

But not everyone was happy with Eliza’s magic. There was a mean and selfish man named Frederick who wanted her to use her powers for his own gain. He demanded that she make him rich and powerful.

Eliza knew that this would only bring harm and unhappiness. She kindly refused, saying, “My magic is meant to bring joy and help others, not to make people greedy or mean.” Frederick became angry and spread lies about Eliza, saying she was an evil witch. Some people started to believe him and turned against her.

But Eliza didn’t let this discourage her. She continued to use her magic for good, helping those in need and spreading happiness. Slowly, people began to see the truth and realized that Eliza was a kind and friendly witch.

The village came together and supported Eliza. They saw how she made their lives better and understood that her magic came from love and compassion. From that day on, Eliza’s cottage became a place of love and kindness. People visited her for advice and a sprinkle of her magic. The village thrived, and everyone learned the power of being kind and caring.

The moral of the story of the friendly witch, taught children that true magic is not about spells and potions but about being kind, helping others, and spreading happiness.

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