The Girl Who Married a Cobra Story

The Girl Who Married a Cobra: Once upon a time, there was a couple who didn’t have any children. One day, while wandering in a jungle, they discovered a snake. Instead of being afraid, they felt a kind heart for the little snake and decided to bring it home.

The Girl WhoMarried a Cobra Story

As the years passed, the snake grew, and the couple took care of it as if it were their child. The snake became like a son to them. However, the couple had a wish in their hearts – they wanted their snake-son to have a family of his own.

The man decided to visit his friend’s house to find a suitable match for his snake-son. Unfortunately, his friend misunderstood and offered his daughter for marriage, not knowing that the son was actually a snake!

The villagers warned the bride about the truth, but she was a brave and kind-hearted girl. She refused to abandon her commitment, even after learning that her future husband was a snake.

One night, something magical happened. The bride saw a handsome man beside her instead of the snake. He revealed that he was her husband, and every night, he turned into a man, only to become a snake again in the morning.

Realizing the situation, the couple decided to break the snake’s curse. They took the cobra’s lifeless body one night and carefully burnt it. To their surprise, the son’s soul was freed from the curse, and he could now stay as a man forever.

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From that day on, the couple and their son lived happily together, grateful for the magical transformation that turned a snake into a wonderful son and brother. And they all lived happily ever after in their cozy home.

The moral of the story is that true love and acceptance can break curses and overcome challenges. The couple’s unconditional love for the snake-son and the bride’s courage to embrace the unexpected transformed a seemingly impossible situation into a happy ending. It teaches us the importance of looking beyond appearances, being open-hearted, and accepting others for who they truly are.

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FAQs of The Girl Who Married a Cobra

What is the moral story of The Girl Who Married a Cobra?

The moral story of The Girl Who Married a Cobra is Love can defeat any enemy.

Who married the Cobra?

The Girl Marries the Cobra

Is the cobra a man?

Yes! The man’s transformation into a cobra due to a curse.

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