The Greedy Dog Story For Kids in English

The Greedy Dog Story: Once upon a time, there was a dog who discovered a big, tasty bone one sunny morning. Happy and excited, he held the bone tightly between his teeth and decided to cross a bridge.

The Greedy Dog Story
The Greedy Dog Story

As the dog trotted along, he reached a spot where he could see his reflection in the water below. The dog thought, “Oh, there’s another dog with an even bigger bone! I want that big bone too!” Greediness took over, and without thinking, he opened his mouth wide, ready to attack the “other dog” in the river.

With a leap, the dog jumped into the water, but to his surprise, there was no other dog. It was just his own reflection playing a trick on him. Realizing his mistake, the dog tried to swim back to the shore. It was tough, and he struggled a lot, but eventually, he made it back safely.

However, in the process, the greedy dog loses his tasty bone. He felt hungry for the rest of the day and learned a valuable lesson about greed. That day taught him how being greedy and wanting more than he needed could lead to trouble. From then on, the dog became wiser and appreciated what he had, without risking his well-being for unnecessary desires. The end.

Moral: The story teaches us that greed can lead to trouble and even put our lives at risk. It’s important to be content with what we have rather than always wanting more.

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FAQs for The Greedy Dog Story

What is the story of the Greedy Dog?

The story of the Greedy Dog is a popular folk tale about a dog that had a tasty bone to eat but it ended up losing it due to his greed.

What is the moral of the Greedy Dog story?

The moral of the Greedy Dog story is that greed can lead to loss and regret. It teaches us the importance of being content with what we have.

What lesson can be learned from the Greedy Dog story?

The story teaches us the valuable lesson that it is better to be satisfied with what we have rather than be greedy and risk losing everything.

Who is the author of the Greedy Dog story?

Alex Frith is the author of the Greedy Dog story.

Is the Greedy Dog story suitable for children?

Yes, the Greedy Dog story is often used as a moral lesson for children to teach them about the consequences of greed and the importance of being content.

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