The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid-Once upon a time, there was a young mermaid named Marina who lived in the deepest ocean. She was very curious about the world above the water. Marina’s sisters told her exciting stories about what they saw above, and it made her want to explore the surface even more.

One night, while Marina was swimming near the coral reefs, she heard a beautiful voice carried by the ocean currents. She followed the sound and saw a big ship sailing with humans on board. One of them was Prince Alexander, a kind and gentle young man who loved the sea.

Marina watched the prince from a distance and was captivated by his singing and his good heart. Suddenly, a big storm started and the ship was in danger. Marina bravely swam to the surface and used her powers to calm the waves and save the ship.

When the storm passed, Marina met Prince Alexander. He was amazed by her bravery and beauty. He wanted to thank her, but Marina swam away quickly because she knew that mermaids and humans couldn’t be together.

The Little Mermaid
The Little Mermaid

The prince was deeply touched by Marina’s kindness and wanted to find her. He organized a grand ball and invited all the girls in the kingdom, hoping that Marina would come.

At that time, Marina couldn’t forget about the prince. She wished to be with him, but unfortunately she knew that she couldn’t survive on land. She asked a wise old sea turtle named Orville for help. Orville told her about the Sea Witch, who had great powers but was also dangerous to deal with.

Marina was unsure, but her love for the prince made her decide to visit the Sea Witch. She found the Sea Witch’s lair deep in the ocean and asked for legs so she could live on land. The Sea Witch agreed but took Marina’s voice in return.

Marina’s tail transformed into legs, but she couldn’t speak anymore. She emerged from the ocean and the prince found her. He recognized her eyes and welcomed her into his castle, not knowing she was the same mermaid who had saved him.

Marina and the prince spent a lot of time together, even though Marina couldn’t talk. They communicated through gestures and had a lot of fun. Their love grew stronger every day.

But the Sea Witch was jealous and wanted to ruin their love. One night, she revealed Marina’s secret to the prince. He felt angry and betrayed and sent Marina away from the kingdom. Marina was heartbroken and returned to the sea, forever silent but still deeply in love with the prince. The story became known as myth over time, a story of love and sacrifice that people would never forget.

As an outcome, The moral of the Story of Little Mermaid taught everyone about the power of love, the significance of sacrifice, and the strength of the human spirit.

Synonyms of The Little Mermaid

ship sailingracer, sailboat, sloop, cruiser, ketch, yawl
unfortunately sadly, regrettably, unhappily, woefully
Witchsorceress, enchantress, necromancer, Wiccan, beldam, pythoness
gesturessignal, signalling, sign, signing, motion, motioning, wave

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