The Heart of a Monkey (The Monkey and the Crocodile)

The Monkey and the Crocodile- Once upon a time in the Chambal forest, there lived a monkey named Kapish and a crocodile named Mandu. They were good friends, and their home was near the lovely Nallar River. In the middle of this river, there was an island with fruit trees.

Kapish lived with his troop of monkeys in the trees on this island, and Mandu the crocodile and his friend, a fox named Kullan, got along well. One day, Mandu’s wife, Mandavi, expressed her desire to eat a monkey’s heart, claiming they were delicious.

Mandu was troubled by this request because it was not easy to catch a monkey living high up in the trees. But Mandavi insisted, and this made Mandu very sad. He sat by the Nallar River, weeping. That’s when his friend Kullan, the fox, came to drink water and asked him why he was so unhappy.

The Monkey and the Crocodile
The Monkey and the Crocodile

Mandu explained his wife’s desire to Kullan, and Kullan decided to help. He told Mandu a clever plan. They would place some Delicious fruits from the island near the riverbank. When the monkeys came to eat the fruits, Mandu could easily catch them one by one and offer them to his wife and Kullan.

The next morning, Mandu brought some bananas and placed them near the trees where Kapish and his monkey friends lived. Kapish, a smart and curious monkey, came down and tasted the delicious fruits. He asked Mandu where they came from.

Mandu replied, “My friend, I brought these fruits for you, and I can take you to the beach to enjoy more and even give you a ride on my back.” Kapish and Mandu became fast friends, and every day, Mandu would take Kapish to the river to eat fruits.

Mandu’s wife scolded him for not bringing a monkey’s heart as promised. Mandu assured her that he would get it the next day. Kapish, unaware of Mandu’s wife’s request, asked if they could go to the beach the next day.

As they neared the island, Mandu confessed to Kapish that they were not going for bananas but to give his body to Kullan and his heart to Mandu’s wife. Mandu laughed, saying, “My wife really wants your heart, Kapish.”

However, Kapish calmly replied, “You won’t find my heart inside my body, Mandu. It’s hanging from a tree near my home.” Mandu eagerly agreed to go to the tree and retrieve Kapish’s heart.

But when they reached the riverbank, Kapish swiftly leaped onto a tree and shouted, “You silly crocodile! Hearts are inside us, and they cannot be taken out. You’ll never win my heart!” Mandu realized he had been tricked and sadly returned to his wife, knowing he would never succeed in getting Kapish’s heart.

Moral of the story of The Monkey and the Crocodile

Always be honest and kind, for honesty and kindness are the keys to making friends and spreading happiness. Don’t be Like a crocodile

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