The Prince who had a Snake in his Stomach Story

The Prince Who Had a Snake in his Stomach: Once upon a time, in a temple, there was a prince who was very sick. He felt unwell because there was a snake in his stomach. Even though he was a prince, he couldn’t enjoy life because of this snake trouble.

The Prince who had a Snake in his Stomach Story

The prince got married to a kind and clever princess. One day, the princess went to the lake to take a bath. On her way back, she saw something unusual. The prince was sleeping with his head against an anthill.

Surprisingly, the snake from the prince’s stomach had come out, and it was arguing with another snake from the anthill. They were accusing each other of doing wrong things. One snake said the other was tormenting the prince, and the other snake said the first one was hiding treasures in the anthill.

The princess, being clever, quietly listened to their argument. She realized something important. She thought that the prince could be cured if he drank mustard water, and the anthill could be destroyed by pouring hot water into it.

So, the princess quickly gathered some mustard and made mustard water for the prince. She also poured hot water into the anthill to destroy it. This brave princess not only cured the prince but also got rid of the snakes causing trouble.

Afterward, she found a hidden treasure in the anthill, which made her happy. The princess and the prince lived happily together, free from the snake’s trouble and with a treasure to make their lives even better. And so, their story became a tale of bravery, cleverness, and a happy ending in the temple.

Moral: When your enemies fight among themselves, you come out as the victor.

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