The Selfish Giant Short Story by Oscar Wilde

The Selfish Giant: Once upon a time, there was a Giant who had a beautiful garden. However, he didn’t like children playing in his garden. The Giant’s selfishness made the weather upset, and as a result, the garden remained in a perpetual state of winter and gloominess all year round.

The Selfish Giant

One morning, the Giant saw that some children had sneaked into his garden through a hole in the wall. As soon as the children entered, something magical happened – the trees and flowers began to bloom, and it felt like spring had arrived! A little child looked up at the Giant, smiled warmly, and immediately captured his heart.

The Giant realized that he had been selfish and unkind. From that day on, he decided to let the children play in his garden every day. The once dreary garden transformed into a lively and colorful place filled with laughter and joy.

But, one day, the child who had first smiled at the Giant stopped coming. The Giant felt sad and missed the little friend who had brought so much happiness to his garden.

Years later, the Giant was surprised to see the child again. His heart was filled with joy! Excitedly, the Giant asked where the child had been all this time. The child replied, “You allowed me to play in your garden; today, you shall come with me to mine, which is Paradise.”

That afternoon, the other children came to play, but they found the Giant in an eternal sleep under the tree, covered with white blossoms.

The moral of the story of The Selfish Giant

The story teaches us about the importance of kindness, selflessness, and the joy that comes from sharing and caring for others.

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