The Sleepless King

The Sleepless King- Once upon a time in the magical land of Dreamonia, there lived a kind and gentle king named King Oliver. The area of Dreamonia was a place where dreams came to life, and every night, the area was filled with various, foamy dreams that brought joy and wonder to all its occupants.

King Oliver was loved by everyone in Dreamonia, and he loved his area dearly. still, there was one problem that troubled him greatly – he could not sleep. Night after night, he’d toss and turn in his royal bed, trying to find the sweet grasp of sleep, but it would scape him like a mischievous puck.

His insomniac nights began to take a risk on him, and soon, he set up himself feeling tired and perverse during the day. His counsels and subjects were bothered about their cherished king, and they tried everything they could to help him find peaceful slumber.

The wisest of all Dreamonians, the ancient wizard Merlinius, came to the king’s palace to offer his backing. Merlinius had a long white beard and sparkly blue eyes that glaze like stars in the night sky.

” Your Majesty,” said Merlinius,” I’ve travelled far and wide, seeking a result to your insomniac nights. I believe I know the reason behind your wakefulness.”

The Sleepless King
The Sleepless King

King Oliver looked at Merlinius with hopeful eyes.” Please, dear wizard, tell me what it is! I would do anything to sleep peacefully again.”

Merlinius smiled kindly.” The reason you can not sleep, dear king, is that your heart is burdened with worries and enterprises for your area. Your mind is constantly filled with studies of how to make Dreamonia an indeed better place for your people.”

King Oliver jounced, realizing the verity in Merlinius’ words.” You’re right, Merlinius. I worry about my area and my subjects, and it keeps me awake at night.”

Merlinius gently placed a hand on the king’s shoulder.” solicitude not, Your Majesty, for I’ve a result. Tonight, when the moon rises over Dreamonia, come with me to the Dream Garden. There, we shall find the Sleep flower, a magical flower that grants peaceful dreams to those in need.”

Agitated and hopeful, King Oliver agreed to accompany Merlinius to the Dream Garden that night. As the sun set, they set off on their trip, walking through the entranced timbers and crossing foamy aqueducts until they reached the Dream Garden.

The Dream Garden was a stirring sight to behold. It was filled with flowers of every colour imaginable, and each bloom transuded a mesmerizing scent. In the center of the theatre stood the Sleep flower, a radiant flower with petals that glowed vocally in the moonlight.

Merlinius instructed the king to sit beside the Sleep flower and close his eyes.” Clear your mind of worries, Your Majesty,” he said.” Focus only on the beauty and serenity of this theatre .”

As King Oliver followed Merlinius’ guidance, he felt a warm sensation boxing him. sluggishly, he drifted into a peaceful slumber. In his dreams, he saw his area thriving and his people happy. The worries that had agonized him before sounded to fade down.

From that night on, King Oliver visited the Dream Garden regularly, and with each visit, his sleep came more peaceful, and his days came lustrously. As his worries lessened, he set up new energy to govern his area indeed better than ahead.

The moral of the story of “The Sleepless King”

Is to address worries, seek help, and prioritize self-care for inner peace and happiness.

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