The Snake and the Farmer – Best Story for Kids

The Snake and the Farmer:A farmer named Raju used to live in a little community tucked away in the countryside. He kept a few animals on a tiny farm, including a cat, some hens, and a cow. He came upon a snake lying lifeless on the ground one day while caring to his property. Raju was initially afraid to approach the snake, but when he saw that it was hurt, he decided to assist it.

Raju carefully picked up the Snake and carried it inside his residence. He treated the wound after cleaning it. Raju cared after the snake for a few days, feeding it and providing it with water. The snake progressively cured, and soon it was fully healthy again.

Raju had saved the snake’s life, so it decided to return the favour. The snake informed Raju that, he was aware of a treasure buried in the neighboring forest and offered to escort him there as a reward for his commitment not to hurt the creature. Raju agreed, and the snake guided him to a huge boulder after guiding him through a thicket of trees.

The Snake and the Farmer
The Snake and the Farmer

Raju moved the boulder as instructed by the snake, and when he did, they found a sizable chest containing valuable gems and cash money. Raju expressed his excitement and thanked the snake for its assistance. He chose to give the snake some of the wealth in the form of money and gems.

The snake and Raju became friends after that and always visited the farmer at his property. The snake initially worried the other animals, but Raju reassured them that it was safe and had saved his life. Slowly, the snake won over the other creatures as well, and they were able live together.

A bunch of bandits showed up in the town one day and started spreading mayhem. They terrorised the peasants while robbing them. Raju and the other farmers decided to fight for their community by taking action. They organized into a gang and pursued the thieves.

Raju got hurt during his fight and was surrounded by the bandits. When Raju was in distress, the snake, who had been observing from a distance, decided to help him. It entered the battle and attacked the robbers, causing them to become distracted long enough for Raju to escape.

The quick attack caught the robbers off guard, and they took off, never to be seen again. Once more, Raju was appreciative to the snake, and from that day on, it was regarded as the village’s watchdog. The snake could frequently be observed meandering around the community while keeping a close lookout for any kind of danger.

As the years went by, Raju got older. He became really unwell one day and felt his passing was imminent. He made a final goodbye call to all the farm animals. Raju praised the snake when it came for everything that it had done for him and the people. He expressed his gratitude for their companionship and his sorrow at losing the snake.

Despite being heartbroken by Raju’s loss, the snake was aware that it had to go on guarding the community in his honor. Like it had always done, it slithered through the community, And The snake kept a sharp eye out for any potential threats even today.

The snake’s mythology spread across the community and was handed down from father to son. (Generation to generation) The people understood that Raju and the snake were responsible for their security and contentment. And even though Raju was no longer among them, the snake kept its vow to guard the community.

The moral of the story of The Snake and the Farmer It teaches us the importance of kindness, keeping promises, and gratitude in building relationships and leading a fulfilling life.

Synonyms of The Snake and the Farmer

Tucked push, ease, insert, slip, thrust, stuff, stick, cram, pop
Escort guard, bodyguard, protector, safeguard, defender, custodian, attendant, guide, chaperone
Bandits criminal, robber, raider, mugger, brigand, freebooter, outlaw, desperado, hijacker
Mayhemchaos, disorder, confusion, havoc, bedlam, pandemonium, uproar, turmoil, madness, madhouse, hullabaloo
Robbers stealer, burglar,thief
Imminentimpending, at hand, close, near, approaching, coming, forthcoming, on the way
Slithered crept, crawled, snaked, slid, wriggled, grovelled, tiptoed, snuck.
Contentmentcontent, satisfaction, fulfilment, happiness, pleasure, cheerfulness, gratification

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