The Stork and The Crab Story

The Stork and The Crab Story-Long ago, there was an old Stork that lived near a fish pond. The Stork was very old and couldn’t catch fish anymore. One day, it got a clever idea. It stood very still in the pond with a serious face. This caught the attention of the other animals living in the pond.

The oldest crab in the pond went to the Stork and asked, “Why are you so sad?” The smart Stork replied, “I’ll be leaving this pond soon because people are going to dry it up. I’m going to a bigger pond.” After hearing this, the other animals in the pond asked the Stork, “Please take us with you! We want to be saved!”

The Stork agreed to help. It said, “I’ll carry each of you in my beak to the bigger pond.” It picked up a couple of fish in its beak and flew away. But instead of taking the animals to a new pond, the Stork flew to a big black rock. There, it ate the fish. It did this many times, eating the fish without having to catch them.

The Stork and The Crab Story
The Stork and The Crab Story

One day, the oldest Crab asked the Stork to save it and take it to the bigger pond. The Stork picked up the Crab and started flying towards the big black rock. The Crab looked down and realized there was no pond. It saw only fish bones on the rock.

The Crab understood what the Stork was doing. It grabbed the Stork’s throat with its sharp claws. The Stork tried to shake the Crab off, but the brave Crab held on tight.

The Stork fell to the ground, and the Crab went back to the original pond. It told everyone the truth about the Stork. Everyone was surprised and cheered for the brave Crab.

Moral of the Story of The Stork and The Crab Story

The Story teaches us that being tricky might work for a bit, but it’s better to be honest and brave always. When someone tries to fool others for their own benefit, it can lead to trouble. But if you’re brave and always against lies, people will admire and respect you.

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