The Talking Animals

The Talking Animals: Once there was a rich man who had a son. But, oh dear, the son couldn’t seem to learn anything! No matter how many teachers his father sent him to, all the boy would talk about was how he could understand what animals were saying.

The Talking Animals

Frustrated with his son’s peculiar ability, the rich man eventually gave up and kicked him out of the house. Lost and alone, the boy wandered into the woods until he stumbled upon a grand castle.

The owner of the castle shared a troubling tale with the boy. His treasures had been stolen, and he didn’t know where to find them. But the boy had a special gift – he could understand the language of the dogs. With their help, he discovered that the stolen treasure was hidden under a tower.

Grateful for the boy’s help, the castle owner adopted him as his own son. Many years passed, and the boy decided to travel to Rome. As he entered the city, something magical happened – two doves perched on his shoulders.

The people of Rome saw this as a sign from the heavens and believed the boy was chosen by the gods. They appointed him as a priest, even though he couldn’t read Latin! But, just when it seemed like a problem, the doves came to his aid once again. With their help, the boy learned how to read Latin and fulfilled his duties as a priest.

And so, with the help of his animal friends and the doves, the boy who once understood only the language of animals became a respected priest in Rome.

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