The Three Fishes

The Three Fishes-Once upon a time, Three fish lived in a peaceful small pond situated in the centre of a deep forest. They lived peacefully in the pond, swimming around and exploring their small world. They were best buddies who were always together.

One lovely day, they overheard a bunch of fisherman passing by their pond discussing how they planned to catch the fish. The Three Fishes, who had never heard of humans or fishing before, were afraid and unsure what to do. They understood they needed to think of an escape plan.

The first fish proposed that they leave the pond and find another place to live. The second fish complained, claiming that the pond was their home and that they should not flee it. The third fish had a very different plan. He advised them to stay in the pond but to be careful and to hide whenever they spotted the fisherman.

The first fish felt it was a fantastic idea and wanted to hide with the third fish. The second fish, however, refused and stated, “I will not hide like a coward.” I’ll stay in the pond to guard our house.” The third and first fish attempted for convincing the second fish to stay and fight, and he was insistent.

The fishermen came the next day, and the second fish noticed them from a distance. He realised he needed to act quickly, so he swam towards them, leaped out of the water, and landed on the ground, frightening the fisherman. The fisherman were taken aback by the sight of a talking fish and decided to keep it as a pet.

The Three Fishes
The Three Fishes

The first and third fish stood by while their comrade was dragged away. They were heartbroken and criticised themselves for not convincing the second fish to flee. They swore never to let their friend fall into the hands of the fisherman again.

After a few days, the two fish planned a strategy to frighten the fisherman away. They knew the fisherman would come back for them, so they decided to act before it is too late. The first fish proposed that they pretend to be dead and float on the pond’s surface. The third fish came up with a better plan. He said to act as though the pond was cursed and that anyone attempting to catch them would face dreadful repercussions.

The two fish began their plan, and when the fishermen came, they noticed the two fish floating peacefully on the surface of the pond. Whenever the fisherman wants to catch, the fish said in the morning Rishi ji (pandit) was passing by the pond, and he was saying that the condition of the person who will catch fish from this pond would be so pathetic. and the people of the village used to believe on Rishi ji (pandit). Hence They were terrified and chose to avoid the pond. The two fish had effectively frightened away the fisherman.

Since that day, the two fish and all the other fish in the pond have lived in harmony. They were thankful to the third fish for his ingenious idea and the second fish’s sacrifice.

The Three Fishes became the buzz of the forest, and other animals from all around gathered to see The Three Fishes that had outwitted the humans.

Moral of the story– It teaches us, As The first fish realised that even though he was terrified/scared, he was still be brave. The second fish taught them that sometimes sacrifices must be made for the greater good, and the third fish showed them the value of critical/deep thinking and coming up with creative solutions.

Henceforth The Three Fishes and the other creatures in the forest lived happily ever after. The pond became a safe sanctuary for all the animals, and the fisherman never returned. The Three Fishes will be recognised for their bravery, inventiveness, and ability to work together for a shared goal.

Synonyms of The Three Fishes

Frighteningscare, startle, alarm, terrify, petrify, shock, chill, appal, agitate, panic
Outwitted outsmart, out-think, outmanoeuvre, outplay, be cleverer than, steal a march on, trick, gull, make a fool of
Henceforth from now on, as of now, after this, from this day on

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