Madhumala’s Tragic Love Story: Vikram and Betaal story 04

Vikram and Betaal story- King Vikramaditya was getting tired of Betaal’s game, but he was determined to take Betaal with him, even if he had to spend the night climbing up and down the tree. He put Betaal around his shoulders and set off on his journey. Betaal began to tell another story.

Long ago, there lived a rich merchant named Chandrapati in a city called Mahabalipur. He had a beautiful daughter named Madhumala. One day, Madhumala was attending a social event when a handsome young man named Aditya saw her and fell in love with her.

Madhumala too, was charmed by the young man’s sweet nature and wit. Their love grew with time until one day Aditya decided to marry Madhumala. He went to her father, seeking his permission and blessings.

But Chandrapati had already promised to wed his daughter to a wealthy young merchant named Sarbajyoti. Aditya was heartbroken. After days of living with sorrow, he finally decided to forget Madhumala. However, Madhumala, who had loved Aditya, could not do so. She silently protested against her father’s wishes. But Madhumala had to marry Sarbajyoti.

On the night she was alone with her husband for the first time, Madhumala opened her heart to Sarbajyoti and told him everything. Sarbajyoti realized that there was no use trying to persuade her, as she already loved someone else. He allowed her to leave.

Madhumala left her home dressed in her bridal saree and ornaments. On her way, a thief crossed her path. “Give me all your jewels, or I will hurt you,” he threatened. “Please let me go, sir,” Madhumala begged. “I am in a hurry to go to my lover. I promise I will give you all my jewels when I have met him.” The thief did not believe her, but he let her go. Madhumala reached Aditya’s home and knocked on the door.

Aditya appeared at the door and was pretty shocked to see Madhumala. He was angry that she had left her husband to come to him. “What were you thinking? You are a married woman now. I cannot have someone else’s wife live with me.

You must go back to your husband. There is no place for you here.” And he closed the door on her. Madhumala begged and cried in vain. At last, with a heavy heart, she decided to go back. On her way, she met the thief again.

She began to unhook her jewels to give them to him. The thief had noticed her tears. He asked, “What bothers you, lady?” Madhumala told him the whole story. The thief was sorry for her. He did not take her jewels.

When Madhumala reached home, Sarbajyoti was upset upon seeing her. He said, “I am sorry; I cannot have you back as my wife. You left my home to live with another man. I do not trust you anymore and, thus, cannot have you back. You must  leave.”She now had nowhere to go.

Fearing the shame that this would bring her, she went to the river nearby and ended her life.

Betaal stopped. He asked, “Who do you think made the greatest sacrifice?” The king replied, “It is only when you give up something willingly and selflessly that it is called a sacrifice. Aditya gave up Madhumala’s love, but he did it for a reason.

Madhumala was somebody’s wife, and he could not have somebody’s wife living with him. Sarbajyoti let go of Madhumala, but he would not have her back because he did not trust her. Madhumala, on the other hand, gave up her life, but it was because she was afraid of the shame that she could not bear.

We cannot call these sacrifices. Only the thief made the sacrifice. Robbing people was how he earned his livelihood. But he let go of Madhumala’s jewels because he felt pity for her. His act of humanity truly sets an example of what sacrifice is.”

“I was expecting that you would give me the right answer,” Betaal said. Vikramaditya turned around and began walking towards the tree as the ghost flew back to its branches.

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