The Three Sages Story for kids in English

The Three Sages: Once in a little village, there were three brothers named Ekata, Dwita, and Trita. They lived in a tiny house near a beautiful lake. Every day, after washing their clothes, they face a little problem. They didn’t have a clothesline to dry them, and they were worried the clothes might fall and get dirty.

The Three Sages

One day, as they were trying to dry their clothes, something unexpected happened. Ekata noticed a kite flying across the lake, carrying a frog in its claws. He got so excited and started shouting, “Leave it, leave it!” However, in his excitement, he forgot to pay attention to his hands and accidentally dropped his clothes on the ground.

Seeing his brother’s reaction, Dwita also saw the kite and joined in, shouting, “Don’t hold it, don’t hold it!” But, just like Ekata, he got so caught up in the moment that he, too, dropped his clothes on the ground.

Now, Trita, the wisest brother among the three, observed what had happened. Instead of shouting like his brothers, he decided to stay quiet. He thought it would be better not to say anything. Trita realized that sometimes, it’s better to think and stay calm instead of getting carried away by the excitement. So, Trita silently watched as his brothers’ clothes lay on the ground.

Moral: the story teaches a valuable lesson that day – sometimes, staying calm and thinking before reacting can be the wisest choice.

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FAQs on The Three Sages

What is the Three Sages story about?

The Three Sages story is a traditional folk tale that has been passed down through generations in many cultures. it shows the calmness and patience can lead a better way.

What is the moral of the Three Sages story?

The moral of the Three Sages story is sometimes, staying calm and thinking before reacting can be the wisest choice.

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