The Wolf and the Crane Story For Kids

The Wolf and the Crane: Once upon a time, there was a wolf happily munching on his food when, oh no! A bone got stuck in his throat. The poor wolf tried and tried, but the stubborn bone just wouldn’t come out. He needed help, and he needed it fast.

The Wolf and the Crane Story For Kids
The Wolf and the Crane

So, the wolf set off on a journey to find someone who could help him. He met a friendly fox and explained his problem. The fox wanted to help, but the bone was too deep, and the fox couldn’t reach it.

The wolf continued his quest and stumbled upon a clever crane. With hope in his eyes, the wolf asked the crane for assistance. The wolf promised to give the crane a special reward if he could take out the bone.

The kind crane agreed and skillfully removed the bone from the wolf’s throat. The wolf was relieved and happy. Now, it was time for the reward. The crane eagerly asked, “What’s my reward, dear wolf?”

The wolf, instead of giving a traditional reward, surprised the crane with his words. “You know what, crane? You put your long beak into my mouth to help me, and I didn’t harm you. That, my friend, is the greatest reward you could ever get from me.”

The crane was taken aback but pleased that he had helped the wolf without any harm. And so, the wolf and the crane, unlikely friends, went their separate ways, having learned the value of kindness and friendship in their unique way.

The Wolf and the Crane Story For Kids
The Wolf and the Crane

The moral of the story is that sometimes the kindness and help we give to others are rewards in themselves. In this tale, the wolf couldn’t offer a tangible reward to the crane, but the crane realized that the wolf’s gratitude and the absence of harm were more valuable than any material gift. It teaches us that acts of kindness and assistance, even without expecting anything in return, can be rewarding in their special way.

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FAQs of The Wolf and the Crane

Q: What is the story of “The Wolf and the Crane”?

A: “The Wolf and the Crane” is a fable attributed to Aesop, in which a wolf gets a bone stuck in his throat and asks a crane to help him.

Q: What is the moral of “The Wolf and the Crane”?

A: The moral of the story is that one should not expect gratitude from those who are selfish and ungrateful.

Q: How does the crane help the wolf in the story?

A: The crane uses its long beak to extract the bone from the wolf’s throat, but the wolf refuses to thank the crane.

Q: Why does the wolf refuse to thank the crane?

A: The wolf is too selfish and ungrateful to acknowledge the crane’s help, highlighting the moral of the story.

Q: What can we learn from “The Wolf and the Crane”?

A: This fable teaches us about the importance of gratitude and how selfishness can lead to ingratitude, as demonstrated by the wolf’s behavior.

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